Here you find the chapters of the selcted bridge  
You can close the left side panel to get more space (only in ie4+)   The last "open book" takes you to the table of contents
There are a hierarchical list of bridges on the top of the left side panel. You can open or close a country by clicking on the triangle. Click on the underlined bridge number to select it. Stay over any button, link or picture to get short information. In this site most of the picture can be wiev in large format by clicking on it.
Here is the global map of the river Danube. Click on the river path to quickly position the tracker area below.
You can track over the river path by simply dragging the slider. Turn on or off the info by clicking on the yellow x or square. The info shows you the nearest bridge to the mouse (in yellow) or the center of the area (in gray).
You can turn the sound off or on. (only in ie)
The red X means eXit. Press ALT+F4 if dos'nt work (on Windows) Some informations about the selected bridge