adoC documenting system


adoC is a source code documenting system written in awk and shell script. It produces documentation in LaTeX format which resembles the Unix man pages. The documentation is generated from comment sections in the source code. The comment sections are marked by two special character sequences and internally divided into sub- parts by keywords. The system can be used with almost any kind of programming language.

The idea is based on ROBODoc


The system requires a working gawk and LaTeX installation.

For LaTeX archive go to CTAN


You can download Version 1.1 from this site.


Usage: adoc [options] files_to_parse
-f one file per section
-s sorted per function, variable, etc...
-t title specify title
-- end of arguments


adoC is documented by itself.
For the detailed documentation about the system and its implementation execute the following:

$ adoc -s -t "adoc" adoc > doc.tex
$ latex doc
$ makeindex doc
$ latex doc
$ makeindex doc
$ latex doc
$ latex doc
$ dvips doc

The created documentation can be downloaded in Postscript format from here.

In case of bug reports, suggestions, criticism e-mail Péter Iványi

Copyright © Péter Iványi and Roman Putanowicz, 2001, 2002

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