This is a very simple utility written in PLT-Scheme. The program can download a file from a given Web address repeatedly.
The input parameters of the program are: To start the file downloading press the "Start" button. While the program is in downloading mode you cannot modify the input parameters. To modify the parameters press the "Stop" button. To quit the program press the "Quit" button.

If there is a network error, for example the Web address is not reachable, then the program gives a warning and it attempts the download again only after the time delay has elapsed. The integer number is not increased in this case.

When the program quits it writes out the current settings. The settings are stored in the "downloader.ini" file. The program will try to load the file and if it exists the user interface will be set to the saved values.

A screenshot

The graphical user interface of the program has been created with MredDesigner.


The program is licensed under LGPL.


Copyright © 2006 Péter Iványi